Wednesday, May 28, 2008

and one more thing

on may 11, that man and i have been married for 8 years. i pulled out our wedding photos to put on the slide i made, and it amazes me where we've been and where we are now.

*** SAPPY ALERT**** if you don't like it... go blog stalk someone else

i remember thinking on our wedding day that i loved nate so much and we were going to be married. but as cliche as it sounds, it doesn't compare to how i feel about him today. we've put each other through so much, but still i can't imagine anyone else i'd rather be with.

i am looking forward to the rest of forever with him. (and i hope he feels the same way, or this is a very dirty trick he's playing on me) ;)

an afternoon at the carter farm

on sunday we went to kevin and shar's house for a bbq and bonfire. while we were there i was able to cross a couple of things off my "do it at least once" list...
  1. milk a goat
  2. drink fresh goat's milk

the goat's milk was actually pretty okay. it almost didn't have a taste.... it was kind of like skim milk but at the same time it was creamy like whole milk.

the kids got to feed the baby goats which they were quite excited about. i thought the kids (the goat kids, not my kids) were going to pull the bottles as well as the children through the fence. they are really strong.

jared's kindergarten dance festival

jared had his dance festival at school today. the kindergarten danced the "charleston". all of the kids looked really cute in their outfits.... i really wish i could figure out how to post video on here, but everytime i try it never works. these pictures will have to do.

jared - waiting for his turn

jared and his partner mary

jared, mom and amelia

isaac's preschool program

monday, may 19th was isaac's preschool graduation program. he sang so well and looked really cute doing the actions.

isaac with Mrs. Heap
isaac and his whole class

kiley posing for the picture

isaac all dressed up

what a good little singer

isaac's 5th birthday

isaac's 5th birthday was on may 8th, so we had a party at boondocks. he had a really good time.

my mom and dad with isaac
me... posing for a picnathan is just one of the kidsisaac playing a game

tyler rodabough and isaac

Thursday, May 8, 2008

10 years at american name services

today i celebrated 10 years with american name services. for my 10 years, jill and jerry gave me 1 carat diamond earrings. they are so shiny!!

my decade with them has been amazing. sorry the pictures are fuzzy.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

fe-mullet fixed

nate will probably kill me, but i trimmed up the back of amelia's hair so that it wasn't so much longer than the front. the poor girl has so many cow-licks on the top of her head that it makes her look like she has bald spots. if you notice, the one side of her hair always curls out too. anyway, it think it looks better and less fe-mulletish.

Monday, May 5, 2008


nate just sent me an email with a picture of amelia as the attachment.

she has a fe-mullet!!! normally i have the front part of her hair pulled back, so i have never noticed this before. i can't cut too much of her hair off, she barely has any as it is.....

the past weekend

nate -
hasn't been feeling well. he started working on replacing the laminate on our camping trailer's floor. he didn't get very far because he was so tired. we are planning to sell the trailer before it gets much later in the year, so hopefully he will be feeling better this weekend and we can get it taken care of.

me -
trying to get our garden planted and growing but the d*mn weather won't cooperate. i did plant last week, but i ended up covering them because it snowed. i went out yesterday and uncovered the plants and some of them looked ok, but i'll have to give it a couple of days to know for sure.

jared -
lost more teeth. he lost his bottom second left on thursday last week and then lost the bottom second right on friday. the tooth fairy left him $1 for each of them. he was pretty excited. he also got a haircut on saturday. i attempted to trim the front and made a mess, so we let a professional fix it. it is shorter than we normally cut his hair, but it looks really good on him and i think i will have them cut it this way from now on.

5th birthday is this thursday, so my mom and dad took him to the store on saturday to let him pick out his birthday present. my mom kept asking him what he wanted and all he would tell her was a coloring book. she decided it might be better just to take him to the store. after the store, they took him to dinner. he had such a great time. as the middle child, he doesn't get alone time with people very often.

singing a ton. she sings a nice medley of "the wheels on the bus", "5 little monkey jumping on the bed" and "abc". her hair is finally growing out and this weekend i was able to put it in two actual piggy-tails.

we all went to nate's aunt's house this weekend for a semi-family reunion. nate's great grandmother who lives in washington state was here visiting. we took the kids over to see her and snapped a few pictures of them with their great-great grandma. she is in her 90s and for someone her age, she was pretty spry.


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