Tuesday, September 29, 2009

flag football

i wish i had pictures to share, but i don't.

the boys are playing flag football right now and love it. at first we were a little concerned about issac, he wasn't aggressive at all, in fact, when he had the ball he ran slowly so he "wouldn't run into anyone". jared has always been aggressive on the field so we knew he was good.

we decided to have a little chat with isaac, that in football you should try to avoid people when you have the football, but you needed to run really fast so that they don't get you and if they do get in your way you need to plow them over. to drive the point home, we had him watch the next byu game. every time someone ran with the ball we pointed out how they ran fast and mowed people over.

we wondered whether he got the point. well, this past saturday while he was playing safety. (safety is the guy who stands a ways back from the line of scrimmage to make sure the runner doesn't get to the goal.) so the guy running with the ball gets past everyone on the line and is heading straight for the goal line - only isaac would be able to stop him. at this point nathan is beside himself yelling "get him isaac, get him!" making us so proud, isaac squared up his shoulders, quickly got over to the runner and grabbed the flag! he got the award for defensive player of the game!

we were also so proud of jared also. a little later in the game, he made his first touchdown of the season!!

way to go boys!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

mormoms... really???

i have to write about a funny phone conversation i had at work yesterday. for those of you who don't know, i work for a company that manages name lists. people come to us when they want to send their marketing piece to people with certain criteria.

anyway, this NY guy emails me and he wants to know if we have a list of mormoms (sic) in california. i respond that yes, we have 3 different files that contain mormons in CA. i gave him the names of the 3 files, one starts with the word "mormon" and the other two start with"lds". i also sent over documents that describe who's on the list, how much it costs to rent it, etc.

he calls me a little while later and says that he is mostly interested in the file that started with "mormon" because "the other two don't sound like we can be sure that they are mormons." before i can even respond, he says that for one of the lists, he looked up their website and "there is a black man on the front of their catalog and so i am thinking that the people on this file are baptist."

i seriously almost burst out laughing!!! i explained to him that "lds" is the more correct term for the members of the religion than "mormon", so he could be sure that the other two files also contained mormons as well and not baptists....

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

catch up with us

what is going down in harwood town...

nathan: he's a few weeks into a new semester at uvu. he's taking classes at the north utah valley center in lehi, which is awesome because it cuts off about 40 minutes of his previous classes due to driving time.

wendy: i'm living the same life on different days. i'm okay with it though. getting back into the school year was a little challenging with the kids, so a routine is just fine right now.

jared: he's in 2nd grade now and loves school. he is growing so much emotionally and i find that i rely upon him more to take care of things for himself and his bro and sis.

isaac: in the 1st grade. i'm not really sure how he feels about school. he says he likes it, but it's not very convincing. he does like to eat lunch at school and he and jared usually sit together.

amelia: she just started preschool last week. she seems so little to me compared to all of the other kids i've seen being dropped off. it's probably just me. i am worried that nathan and i have created a monster with this one. she is so spoiled.

that's all i got right now!

Monday, September 14, 2009

kids at a wedding reception

on saturday we went to my cousin's wedding reception and the kids had a great time running around.

(my amelia is missing in action)

Friday, September 11, 2009

making stuff at lowes

i read on another blog about the lowe's build and grow clinics. they are free and so i thought it was a perfect opportunity to interact with the kids and teach them new skills. here we are making boats.



ethan, roni and kiley (she'll probably kill me for putting a picture on here when she has her eyes closed, but it's about the kids...)


a family photo

this was taken at our nephew tyson's baptism in July.

a picture of shane and roni and the kids on the same day.

a random photo

nathan took this picture of me after he got a new lens for his camera. i was rinsing off dishes and he started snapping some shots. then i of course had to stand there for what felt like a half hour while he took a billion shots. out of the billion he took, he liked this one the best.


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