Monday, April 11, 2016

Sunday Dinner with Pa

The first Sunday of every month, we got to my Father-in-law's house for dinner.

My father-in-law Richard (Rick to everyone else), is a terrific guy.  I know this because of big things, but also many little things he does.  Among other things, one of the biggest ways he has helped Nathan and I is by helping to watch our kids since Jared was a baby.  Not many grandpa's sign up for that.

Also, when he cooks chicken for dinner, he always cooks me boneless, skinless chicken breasts because he knows I hate bone-in chicken.  He knows the way to my heart is directly through my belly!!

Spring Break 2016

For spring break this year, we took the kids to Mesquite for a long weekend.  We swam in the pool the first day, but then it was rainy and windy the next couple of days, so we took a trip to see Hoover Dam.

Clara got to push the buttons for the elevator during our tour.


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