Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day 2015

We had a great Christmas at our house.  On Christmas Eve we did our normal tradition and saw a movie - the new Star Wars one and then ate a late lunch at Texas Roadhouse.  In the evening, we went over to Shane and Roni's house to hang out for a while.

I made Nathan take silly selfies with me.  Don't we look so surprised!

Crazy eyes!

Roni joined in with a duck face.

I took a picture of Nathan eating dip.

Shane roasted tomatoes, chilies and onions and made us an awesome salsa and 7-layer dip.

I managed to only get a picture of the girls although the boys were there too...

Onto Christmas Day!

Santa brought the girls a puppy!

They loved him immediately.  His name is Charles Alexis Harwood and he is a Morkie (Maltese/Yorkie mix).

 Santa brought the boys an Xbox One.  They screamed like girls when they opened the present.

Such happy faces!

A couple of picture of later that day. Clara asked me if it was a dream that she got a puppy. I assured her that this was real life. So cute!

Hope you Christmas was a good one!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Amelia turns 10 years old

Yesterday, our Amelia turned 10 years old.  We started her birthday by opening presents.  She received a new coat and snow bibs and a couple of Lego Friends sets.

She wanted to start her birthday by going to breakfast with Nathan and I, so we got ready and took her to +Kneaders.  She enjoyed hot chocolate and pancakes.

Our Amelia may have been born on the shortest daylight day of the year, but she fills our lives with light and happiness. Happy 10th to this wonderful young lady!!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Carter Christmas Party 2015

Last night we had our annual Carter Christmas party.  The power went out about 2 hours in to our party so pictures may not be as clear since we were dealing with less light than normal.

Aunt Jennie made the kids each their own fleece blanket.  They loved them and they were each perfect for the kids.

After some good food and a few games and the gift exchange, the kids acted out the nativity.  This year, King Herod threatened the wisemen with an assault rifle.  I don't remember that being part of the bible story, but it made for a good laugh.

Our little "angel" Clara

This year Isaac was a sheep, Jared was a cow and the girls were both very pretty angels.

The whole gang!

Friday, December 18, 2015


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