Monday, November 9, 2009

1st grade creative writing assignment

i think nathan and i need to work with isaac on creative thinking and imagination a little bit.

i was going through the boys' backpacks tonight to make sure everything was taken out of them. i came across some random halloween items and then came across isaac's thanksgiving creative writing assignment.

nathan and i couldn't stop laughing! i am sure that he read the prompt and just thought... "well duh!" and that was the end of that!

aunt erma

a couple of months ago we went to a carter family reunion. my dad's aunt was there, aunt erma who is 91 years old. She'll be 92 in December.

shortly after arriving, i went over to say hi to her. our conversation went something like this...

me: hi aunt erma. how are you doing?
aunt erma: i'm doing fine. *pause* you're hair is so long and pretty. do you have a lot of breakage?
me: **i wanted to laugh so hard, but i was able to contain myself** yeah, it's hard to keep it healthy.

i'll post a picture of her if i can find one.


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