Tuesday, June 24, 2008

the kin folk said....

jared, move away from there....

we have moved on from hill billy to...... an old folk's home.

if he loses any more teeth, we'll have to put all of his food in a blender before we feed it to him through a straw!

t-ball for jared

another year of t-ball has begun for jared. this year is more exciting than last year because he is actually starting to understand what he's supposed to do and is less afraid of the ball. his team is the golden eagles.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

brownstone national park

in preparation for my upcoming trip to yellowstone, i have reflected on my childhood a lot. we used to watch a video called "the ranger of brownstone national park" all the time. we thought it was the most hilarious thing. here is a snipit:

Saturday, June 14, 2008

we've gone hill billy....

while i was in new york, isaac smacked jared in the mouth with an orange cone (i have no idea what they were doing...) causing his two top front teeth to become loose. loose i can deal with, but one was poking straight out and the other one was poking straight back. he had some serious snaggle-tooth action going on.

yesterday, the tooth that was poking backwards came out, but it's counterpart remains and is still poking stalwartly forward. it still feels loose but not enough that it is going to come out really soon.

this morning we took him to his t-ball game and i was seriously hoping that people were not looking at him when he smiled. as for those who were able to behold the billy-bob mouth, they were probably thinking, "who are that poor child's parents? they really need to get him to a good orthodonist."

click on the picture to enlarge it for the full hill-billy experience.

Friday, June 13, 2008


late last night i returned from a work trip to new york city. although i was there for work, i had a great time and i of course found some time to shop at h&m and a place called 21st century.

monday afternoon patti and i went shopping in soho. we ate at a little restaurant/cafe for lunch and we had a celebrity sighting. actually, patti had the celebrity sighting, i only saw him from the side and back as he walked away from us. it was an actor from the show nip/tuck. i haven't ever seen it, but we saw the guy who placed the crazy plastic surgeon who ends up in jail (i only know this story line from patti, so sorry if i have some of it wrong). i just googled him and his name is joey slotnick and he plays the character merril bobolit.

we went with another list company to dinner on tuesday night to a restaurant called china grill. I am not a big chinese food fan, but it was really good. i even ate some red fish eggs while i was there. they also had this dish of fried spinach. it had a weird texture. it was crispy as you put it into your mouth, but as soon as you started chewing it melted away.

i only took 2 pictures while i was there and i am not in either of them, so i won't be posting them.

new york is a fun place to visit and if i didn't have children (don't read this the wrong way. i love my kids) i would probably like to live there for like a year or something, but it is not a place that i could stay long term.


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