Tuesday, January 29, 2013

horse-play on a saturday night

our saturday night was pretty uneventful, which was perfectly fine by me.  last week was a pretty busy week for us at our house, so a nice quiet night at home was just what we needed.

first we started with horsey-back rides.  it started with nathan and i as the horses and then amelia took a turn with clara. 

then we graduated to ring around the rosie (clara's choice).  we basically had to force jared to participate.  i snuck this photo while he wasn't paying attention.

i didn't get as lucky on this shot! :)

after snapping a few pictures, even nathan and i joined in.

Monday, January 28, 2013

mother son night 2013

this past friday, i went to mother son night at my boys' school.  we had a great time!

if i could not look like a goon in all of my self-shots that would be awesome!

anyway, first up for display was a carpet python:

then we got to gander at a couple of red-footed desert turtles

next up was a nile monitor lizard

and an american alligator (it was just a little guy)

 then for our viewing pleasure, a soledad tortoise

on to the green anaconda

and finally a huge reticulated pyton

after the presentation, the boys were able to pet the turtles, the tortoise and the python.

we had a great time and i always really enjoy these nights with my boys.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

a rough day for clara

recently clara had a really rough night.  she hadn't been feeling well and to top it off, she hadn't gotten a nap at all that day and it was too late to put her down but still too early to go to bed.  she was whining and crying and wanted to be held constantly.

when it was almost time to put her down for the night she came over to me and in the saddest, but clearest voice said, "momma, i need a cookie!"

wish granted cute girl!

we've gotten a little snow here

the day after christmas it snowed.... again.  i bundled up clara in her new snow suit and took her outside to shovel with me.  she loved it!

christmas 2012 - not completed

so this post will likely be very boring for a while.  i only took 4 pictures with my phone and it takes more effort to get them off the camera and onto the blog.  so here are the pictures i took once we made it to nathan's parent's house on christmas day.

clara holding one of the framed pictures I received.  she is wearing new snow pants she got from nana and pa!

  isaac and jared got some old guns from pa.

no picture of amelia while we were over there.  she still wasn't feeling awesome.  i know nathan got some pictures on her on our camera, so i will post some of those in the near future.


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