Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hobble Creek Half Marathon

Have you ever done something on a whim?  Something that you never thought, in a million years, that you would do?  Well, I did that.  I signed up for a half marathon with a few days shy of 4 weeks to prepare for it. Then, I ran that half marathon.  I know, I know.... running still makes me really tired.

I started training for the race as much as I could with so little time, but on my second training "long run", I hurt my peroneal tendon and was forced to rest for a week.  After that, I had continuing pain with it and it made me really nervous to run on.  Thankfully it seemed that taping it helped.

They day before the run, I went and picked up my bag and my bib.  Things suddenly got really REAL!!

The morning of the race dawned bright and early, not that I slept very much.  We had to be to the bus at 5:15 am, so I was up and eating at 3:30 am.  All the while thinking, why am I doing this again?

After a short bus ride up the canyon, and two pit stops in a port-a-potty, we prepared ourselves for the task before us.  I say us because I was there with my friend Sara and her husband Jason.

Here we are waiting at the starting line to get running.  Man, I need to work on my posture, I look super chubby in this picture. :)

Here's a photo I managed to snap, around mile 5, of the beautiful scenery.

I also quickly snapped a selfie of Sara and I.

I can honestly say I don't know where my energy and endurance came from.  I felt pretty solid and strong through the whole race, but miles 11 & 12 were definitely a little hard.

And, when I could see the park in my view and I knew somewhere among all those people were my hubby and kids waiting for me, I couldn't wait to be done.

Here I am after finishing.

Sara and I after finishing.

Jason, Sara and I

The beginning of what may become a collection or what may remain as a testament to the one time I did that!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Gotta Go Back to School!

Technically, Jared's first day was yesterday, but we had him jump in the picture this morning.  He's in 7th grade, Isaac is in 6th and Amelia is in 3rd.

Clara starts her first year of preschool in a couple of weeks.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Jared's Birthday - We have a Teenager in the House

This past week Jared turned 13!  His birthday was celebrated over many days and culminated with a big old Costco cake at Carter Family Dinner on Sunday.

He received some gifts.  A Goal Zero Speaker and book from my parents, 2 pairs on shoes from Nathan's parents, and a buck knife from Nathan and I.

Of course we went out for birthday dinner!  We hit +Olive Garden!  YUMMY!!  Jared loves their seafood alfredo.

On Saturday, Jared, Isaac, Nathan and Richard floated down the Provo River to celebrate.  They had been wanting to do this for a couple of years and this year they finally made it happen.

They had a great time!

I'm so glad to have Jared in my life.  He is super organized, loves reading, and is a great cleaner - when he wants to be. :)  So glad I get to call him my son!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Maple Grove Campground - a photo summary

A couple of weeks ago we went camping at Maple Grove Campground with some friends from our neighborhood.  It is a beautiful area.  Huge red rock cliffs, lots of shade and tons of little streams and brooks running all over the place.

When we first arrived, we fished a little.

The kids played on a rope swing someone had made.

 We went on a few hikes and walks.

Doesn't that just look like the perfect little stream?

Of course there were plenty of games and talking around the campfire.

There was a sudden downpour of rain!

A lot of messy faces and hands.

And good quality time with family and friends.

Oh yeah, and this is why Sara and I are friends!

Thanks for the invite Jason and Sara.  We had a great time!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Two for Tuesday - Arrow of Light and a Sick Lady

Last week Isaac received his Arrow of Light award.  So proud of him and glad to be out of Boy Scouts!

Our littlest lady hasn't been feeling well the past week.  Nothing too serious, just lots of orneriness and extra cuddling.


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