Monday, July 14, 2008

yellowstone 2008

for our family vacation this year, we went to yellowstone with shane and roni and their kids. we had a lot of fun looking at all the animals and the crazy caldera stuff.

this is one of only like 3 pictures i am in. why is it always that way. people are going to look at family pictures after i am dead and wonder why i never did any of the fun stuff with my family. hello!!!! i'm the one behind the camera!

a beaver (the only one i have ever seen in the wild):

us on the shore of lake yellowstone:
a raven:

the harwoods at lower falls outlook:

shane and roni and the kids at mammoth:
the harwoods with kiley and ethan at the grand prismatic spring geyser place:

shane and roni and kids at the lower falls outlook:
pronghorn - the first time i have ever seen one at yellowstone:
the kids watching a movie in the trailer after a long day in the park:

the black thing in the shrubbery is a cow moose:

isaac and jared:

of course, buffalo:

all of the kids watching old faithful:

nate and the kids....

ethan and jared...

the first bear we saw (we saw a total of 11 or 12. the last one is under debate):

the kids..

a momma and a cub on our way out of the park:

an elk:

another bear:


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