Thursday, February 11, 2010

aww cute

for an upcoming ward activity we needed to give the activity committee a picture from when we were dating. this is the one nate and i chose. i really like this sweater and i don't remember what happened to it. i also commented to nate that i liked my hair. to which he promptly replied that i should cut it. he'll never give up!

so what....

so what.... if i just ate an entire apollo burger combo meal - i loved every minute of it.
so what.... if i don't want to celebrate valentine's day - doesn't mean i don't love my husband (see previous valentine gripe post).
so what.... if i don't have any food in my house because i haven't been grocery shopping in for ever! - my kids are still alive.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

christmas trees - out of order post

nate and i started a tradition with my family to go and cut trees up at nate's property. so the saturday after thanksgiving all the carter kids loaded into their SUVs and trucks and headed up the canyon.

this picture was going to be our christmas card, but i was too late getting around to doing anything with it.

roni and i searching for her tree.

soon all the families found their tree (except us, i don't do live trees!). the kids enjoyed playing around in the snow and the men enjoyed using their chainsaws.

Monday, February 1, 2010

carter christmas party 2009

the annual carter christmas nativity:

top row l to r: schylar, tyson, ethan, isaac, bobbie, amelia, marissa, cassidy (behind iaan's head), iaan, collin, jared
bottom row l to r:jade, davis, cole, hadlie holding cole, hadlie, rhett

the shepherds:

isaac and kiley as joseph and mary:

my amelia turned 4

my baby is 4!. well she's been 4 for a little while now and i am just getting around to updating the blog. it was pretty sad for me.

after preschool, i went and picked her up and took her to mcdonalds where she got a happy meal and played. later that evening, we went to chuck-e-cheese and had a good time with family.


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