Tuesday, November 25, 2008

nathan would like me to cut my hair

so this is a picture of me in may 2002. nathan would love for me to cut my hair like this again. this is the last time i ever had my hair this short and it has taken me almost 6 years to get it to the length it is now. i have become a little too attached to take such a drastic measure.

Monday, November 24, 2008

random ans parties

we tend to have a lot of parties where i work, but we can come up with pretty good reasons to hold these parties...

here i am enjoying a yummy burger at our tailgating party in october. tony brought his BBQ and every friday we cook up burgers and hot dogs.

here we are having our "positive party" and eating delicious ice cream sundaes. we had to be positive at work for a certain amount of days to participate in the party...

me and jessica, with collette and jill in the background
amber and jonna (jonna is so healthy, she only ate a banana)

and finally, here we are for our thanksgiving feast last friday. nate's dad came and deep-fried a turkey out our back door. it was yummy...

here is basically everyone. malia's grandma, nate's dad and amelia are also pictured.

more pictures to are on their way. we are having our work party in vegas again and then we will be having a christmas brunch in december as well.

amelia's haircut

october 21, 2008 (i'm a little behind)

i finally took amelia to get a real haircut. i had been trimming up the back of her hair so that eventually the back and front would be the same length, but it was just getting a little funky.

she looks so cute with her hair all curly and of course i don't have any pictures of it done right now. i will post some later.


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