Monday, January 17, 2011

a sick little lady

here i am late at night giving clara a breathing treatment.

she started getting a cough on tuesday night and by wednesday evening, nathan and i both knew it wasn't good. i took her to the doctor's office on thursday morning and the doc said it was definitely a croupy cough, but everything else looked and sounded okay. they gave her a steroid shot and said that it shouldn't get any worse, but if it did, to give them a call.

on friday when i got home, she was asleep, but i could tell her breathing was different. when she woke up, i checked her chest and she had some retraction. i took her back to the doctor's office where they checked her oxygen level and it was low. they also checked her ears, nose and throat and she had ear infections in both ears. they did a breathing treatment there and were able to get her oxygen back up to the point that i could take her home, and they also gave her a shot of antibiotic because it was after 10 pm at this point and i would have had to wait until morning to get a prescription. i didn't want to wait, i wanted to get her better right away.

so we got set-up with a nebulizer(sp?) at home and are doing breathing treatments with her. she has been such a cutie this whole time though - never really acting very sick and just basically being her smiley self. i am so thankful that we caught this before it got much worse. she seems to be healing rather quickly.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

dinners in 2011

one thing i would like to be better about this year is making dinner for my family. in 2010, for most of the year anyway, i was pregnant and making dinner was the last thing i wanted to do most nights. the kids usually ended up with something simple to prepare - like from can to microwave to bowl, and most of the time it was something that they themselves could whip up and eat with a little help from either nathan or myself. nathan and i ate whatever we could scrounge up and sounded good. the menu from 2010 looked something like this:
  • chef boyardee
  • spaghetti o's
  • frozen pizza
  • cheese quesadilla
  • sandwiches
  • hot dogs
  • mac-n-cheese
  • fast food
  • take-out
while i do think that at least jared benefited from learning to make mac-n-cheese by himself (he won't starve on his mission now as long as he can get his hands on a couple boxes of the stuff), i know that eating dinner as a family is very important. so this year, i am going to do better. to keep myself somewhat in line, i am going to keep track of my dinners on my blog.

*note - this is really for my benefit only, but if you want to see what i have made, you can follow along under the "dinners in 2011" page on the right side bar.


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