Thursday, July 5, 2012

summer so far

so this is what we have been up to....

isaac and clara enjoying popsicles on the back porch

all of our kids helped with our ward's float in the lehi roundup parade.  even little clara rode on one of the little horses on the float, but she refused to sit on them unless the float was actually moving.

 we went to seven peaks and i took pictures of 2 of my 4 children.  this theme may continue...
clara in her life jacket

amelia soakin' up the sun!
for our combined ym/yw activity we had a water party at the park and i took jared along.  we had a huge slip-n-slide that jared had a good time on.
jared heading down the slide

we've found a snow cone shack that we are really diggin'.
amelia and her friend kayla enjoying snow cones
we went to midway with roni's family to enjoy the fireworks and i took one picture of one of my kids. such a good picture taker i am.
jared with some sparklers
nathan recently celebrated his birthday and he and i went out to eat at his favorite place, the olive garden.

and me, i've been busy taking pictures of myself :)  for some reason i look really tired in this photo.... couldn't have anything to do with the huge bags under my eyes!!

hope you are having a blast this summer!


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