Wednesday, August 29, 2012

she's my daughter

clara - right after she bit through her lip a few weeks ago... poor girl
i was told about the following story by my dad who watches clara 3 days a week.

setting: yesterday at grandpa's house
clara: "bampa go bye bye"
grandpa:“where do you want to go?” 
clara: “donuts” 

he is training her well.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

girl's camp july 2012

this year girl's camp was on a ward level.  we went to flaming gorge and had a blast!  we river rafted the green river, hiked, canoed and swam in the reservoir, and we even threw some spiritual stuff in there as well :)

the girlies that rode in my car (l to r: carlee, jenica, lexy, karridy, brinley)

yw pres braiding 1st counselor's hair

lexy and brinley overlooking flaming gorge

mistilyn and cherish overlooking the gorge

cherish, mistilyn, katie, za'dariah and kelsey

our whole group

andrea and i

Thursday, August 23, 2012

my nemesis

i have a love-hate relationship with diet coke.  i love it, but i hate that i love it.  on sept 1, 2012, i intend to end this relationship for good.  i must fully admit here that i am a 1 can a day person - maybe 2 cans on a bad day so i know it shouldn't be that hard, but it seems a little daunting.

to prepare myself for the end of this relationship, i have googled "how to get off diet coke" several times and read other people's experiences with giving up the juice.  most people end up replacing their diet coke with something else, but i'm not convinced that's the route i want to take.

wish me luck and help keep me accountable!


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