Friday, July 24, 2015

Teaching of President's of the Church: Ezra Taft Benson - Chapter 14 Marriage and Family

A few of my favorite snip-its from this chapter:

The whole first section is amazing!
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints views the family as the most important organization in time and all eternity. The Church teaches that everything should center in and around the family. It stresses that the preservation of family life in time and eternity takes precedence above all other interests.14
There can be no satisfactory substitute for the home. Its foundation is as ancient as the world. Its mission has been God-ordained.15
No nation ever rises above its homes. This Church will never rise above its homes. We are no better as a people than are our firesides, our homes. … The good home is the rock foundation, the cornerstone of civilization. It must be preserved. It must be strengthened.16
Some people ask me as a Church leader why we place so much emphasis on the home and family when there are such larger problems around us? The answer is, of course, that the larger problems are merely a reflection of individual and family problems.17
Marriage and family life are ordained of God. In an eternal sense, salvation is a family affair. God holds parents responsible for their stewardship in rearing their family. It is a most sacred responsibility.18

Speaking on marriage, President Benson says this:
Spiritual growth comes by solving problems together—not by running from them. Today’s inordinate emphasis on individualism brings egotism and separation. Two individuals becoming “one flesh” is still the Lord’s standard. (See Gen. 2:24.)
The secret of a happy marriage is to serve God and each other. The goal of marriage is unity and oneness, as well as self-development. Paradoxically, the more we serve one another, the greater is our spiritual and emotional growth.21 
Speaking on strengthening our families and teaching our children the gospel:
The family is one of God’s greatest fortresses against the evils of our day.
Every family has problems and challenges. But successful families try to work together toward solutions instead of resorting to criticism and contention. They pray for each other, discuss, and give encouragement. Occasionally these families fast together in support of one of the family members.  Strong families support each other.27
Successful parents have found that it is not easy to rear children in an environment polluted with evil. Therefore, they take deliberate steps to provide the best of wholesome influences. Moral principles are taught. Good books are made available and read. Television watching is controlled. Good and uplifting music is provided. But most importantly, the scriptures are read and discussed as a means to help develop spiritual-mindedness.
Do I take deliberate steps to provide the best of wholesome influences?  Do I provide wholesome influences by the tv shows and movies my children see me watch?  Do I provide wholesome influences by the music that is on the radio when the kids are in the car with me?  Do the books I read and the time I spend on my phone and computer teach my children moral principles and help develop spiritual-mindedness?

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Three Things Thursday - Isaac's Temple Baptisms, Group Date, Grandpa Brown's Suitcase

1.  Last week, my mom took Isaac and Kiley to the Mount Timpanogos temple to do baptisms for the dead.  It was Isaac's first time going.

2.  This past Tuesday, Nathan and I, along with Jason and Sara accompanied a few of the young men on a group date up the canyon.  We roasted hot dogs and marshmallows and visited.

3.  I decided to part with my temple suitcase, which originally belonged to my Grandpa Brown.  I have been using it the last 15 years, but I felt prompted to pass it on to my brother Rodney.  I cleaned it out last night so I could give it to him.  

I'm gonna miss it!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Lehi Round-up Rodeo and Parade June 2015

This past month our city celebrated the Lehi Round-up.  It's been a tradition in our family to participate in the city's celebration, but with Jared and Isaac at Timberline, it was a lot more low-key this year.

On Thursday night, we took the girls to the rodeo.  Clara was quite antsy during the rodeo, but loved the motorcycle stunts afterwards.

 Amelia and I at the rodeo.

This was my attempt at an "artistic selfie".

Friday evening brought the Miniature Float Parade.  This year, I headed up our ward's float committee.  It was a busy month for me so thankfully I had really good friends to help shoulder a lot of the work. My friend Melissa and her husband really went above and beyond with our float.  Another friend, Stefanie, did an awesome job with all of the costumes.  Cheri and Jeremy helped to make sure our float got where it needed to be and found volunteers to help hold banners and pull the float.  I am truly blessed to have such amazing, helpful and committed friends. 

Nathan and I attended the rodeo Friday night without the girls.

Saturday morning, Amelia and I walked behind the float in the Grand Parade.

Clara riding on the float as a castaway.


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