Friday, June 29, 2012

he's a handy handy man

my nathan is making himself official. officially what you may ask?

an official handyman!

he's been doing handyman work for half his life but has just recently decided to make it an official thing. so harwood handyman services, llc is now a legit company, licensed and insured.

if you are in the area and need someone to do the things around your home that you can't do (or are tired of waiting for someone else to do), then my hubby is your man. kind of -cause technically he will still be mine :)

give him a call @ (801) 372-2339.  you can also check out his facebook page (it's a work in progress).

Thursday, June 7, 2012

all she wants to do is....

dance, dance, dance!

amelia started her first dance class yesterday.  she was so excited!

just a side note: so I have to say that the camera on my new phone is terrible compared to my old phone so bear with me on these pictures and video.

here's amelia listening intently to her teacher before they started.

stretching and warming up (stupid blurry photo)

free-dance time! (you can't hear the music because I have to stand outside and watch through a window but they are dancing to "girls just wanna have fun")


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