Thursday, September 30, 2010

a pregnant lady and a man with a camera

my husband likes to play with his camera, a lot! unfortunately, that means no one is safe when the camera comes out. ordinary moments get digitized to remember forever. good or bad!

so here i am, 2 days from my due date, sitting on the couch while my husband snapped picture after picture.

back to school 2010

the boys went back to school on august 25th and amelia started preschool at the "big school" on september 7th.

jared's first day of 3rd grade
isaac's first day of 2nd grade

someday this picture will embarrass isaac, but unfortunately it is the only one i took of them together :)

amelia's first day of preschool

jared turns 9

jared celebrated his 9th birthday on august 15th. he got a dsi from the family and was very excited about it.

for his birthday we went bowling and out to eat. he also spent the night at pa's house which is a yearly tradition.

i'm 36 weeks pregnant in this picture.

jared celebrated his 9th birthday on august 15th.


the first picture was taken in may and the second picture was taken in july. I can't believe how fast his teeth moved!


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