Saturday, June 17, 2017

WoodBadge Training - WB-W2-591-17-6

I attended WoodBadge!  Why?  Well, mostly because Nathan was going as a troop guide and thought it would be nice to have me there with him.  Oh and because he thought the leadership training would be helpful as well.  Honestly, I went with an open-mind but I wasn't excited.  Ultimately, I was very glad I went!

 The Beaver Troop raising the flag

I think we may have been getting ready to sing a funny song.

Our rocket was appropriately named, The Silver Beaver.  It was pretty much a failure, but we had the most attempts and getting it to go high in the sky!

Our troop lost a game and ended up with negative 3,000 points.  I call that great fun!! Although some members of our troop were ashamed.  Later when we played the "guilt game", we actually won and got lectured about not playing nicely.  Sara piped up and said, "No one got a lecture when we lost by 3,000 points!"

Our troop was in charge of the fireside on one of the last nights.  I conducted, because that's what I do....

Our troop working together playing games and figuring out puzzles.

On our "alone" night, we had to make our own dinner.  It was delicious steak and potatoes and vegetables.

Skyler had to leave us one night, so we sent him this picture to make sure he knew he was missing out.

The Beaver Troop
L to R: Troop Guide Nathan, Skyler Raymond, Sara Talley, me, Stephen Hillock, Honorary Beaver Taylor Harris, Ben Arkell

So glad that Sara and I were able to do this together.

Just the participants

Staff and participants

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Ragnar Wasatch Back 2017

I ran Wasatch Back this year with a team sponsored by +American Name Services.

My on my leg up over Avon Pass.

A view from the top of Avon Pass.

My brother, Rod ran with a team from his work.  It was fun to see him at a bunch of the exchanges.

On my last leg up into Park City.

 Van #1 (ltor) Nathan, me, Kelby Ellis, Sherrie Anderson, Rob Lund, Sha Lund

Back row, (l to r): Nathan and Rob Lund
Middle row (l to r): Lexy Granthem, Lindsey Lefevor, Mikeala Hamilton, Sha Lund, Elise Fiso, Jesi Fiso
Front Row (l to r): Kelby Ellis, Lisa Holland, me, Sherrie Anderson

Nathan and I

Me and Sha

Lindsey Lefevor and I


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