Monday, March 22, 2010

productive saturday

i wish i had pictures to post, but i don't. we had quite a productive saturday at our house. well, i should say that nate had quite a productive saturday - but i will add in that i was a very good supervisor :)

first, nathan (with some help from me) cleaned out the entire garage. it seems so spacious now!! winter is hard because you want to spend as little time as possible outside freezing your butt off, so stuff just gets shoved wherever. it also helped that i am in a throw-it-away mood. i have been for a couple weeks. stuff that i was just hanging onto "in-case" went straight into the garbage (like our very first non-infant car seat that was 7 years old and just gross). it felt good to get rid of stuff like that.

then, while i had the hard job of going to get us burgers (and a shake for me) from in-n-out, nathan finished scraping up all the old linoleum off the floor of our old trailer. then his dad came over and helped him glue down new linoleum. this project has been on-going the past 2 years so i was so happy that he finally finished it up. now, just a few more fixes and it will be ready to sell and be gone forever!!!

while nathan was working on the trailer, i supervised the boys getting down into our window wells to clean out the garbage that had blown in since last spring. they filled an entire trash bag. i couldn't believe how much stuff was down in those things. because our back window wells are under the overhang of the house i had to promise to give them each $1 to get down there. not a bad deal for me considering how much stuff came up out of there.

then i mowed the front lawn - well most of it. nate had the linoleum stretched out on part of it and i didn't want to disturb his work. i wasn't cutting the grass, just getting all the leaves and twigs picked up. mowing is much easier than raking.

by the time i got the kids bathed and ready for bed, i really felt like a lot had been accomplished.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

my daddy did it

nathan just sent me an email with the 3 pictures below attached to it.

it read, "I did Mia's hair. This was my best shot at a pony tail."

considering he never touches her hair, so he has very little practice, i think he did a great job!

Monday, March 8, 2010

a few of my favorite things

it comes down to comfort and warmth right now. when i am pregnant i get hydronephrosis (basically chronic kidney infections) which causes all sorts of fun side effects - being COLD and feverish all the time. so, right now i am all about comfort and warmth.

a few things getting me through each day -

my bke kate jeans. (i tried to take a picture, but I am wearing them and it looked like i was trying to post a pic of my butt). you are so comfortable and stretchy and you fit nicely over my boots.

my beloved rocket dog boots - i was so worried when i bought you that i wouldn't wear you very often. now, you are my best friend. never mind that it is unseasonably warm outside, i will still wear you. i may still be wearing you when it is august and 100 degrees outside - you are that comfy! -- maybe not though :)

the grey mossimo hoodie i stole from jess. what would i do without you? what will i do when you completely fall apart? i wear you morning, noon and night. people are beginning to wonder if i wear anything else. plus, after i eat a big meal from my trough (thanks for that, nate) and zip you up, my swollen tummy is nicely hidden behind your pockets.

Friday, March 5, 2010

the yard

it is snowing, again. i wish it would just stop - actually i don't mind if it snows, i just don't want it to stick to the ground. it had been feeling so very springish lately and i am getting really antsy to be outside doing things.

i really want to work in my yard. towards the end of the season last year my little bro came over and looked at my yard to help me decide what to do with it. i don't really like how the front yard looks. when we first moved in, the yard looked really nice, but it totally wasn't my style. there were lots of roses and flower beds everywhere. i don't have a lot of time to spend in my yard so I can't spend hours weeding. i took out a few of the flower beds and let the grass grow in. we transplanted a tree or two and i took out three trees that i didn't like. then i just never got back around to doing much out there. i am DETERMINED to get something going this year.

so like i said, i had my little bro come over and help me come up with a plan. i will be transplanting a couple of large bushes that have out-grown their space and i will be planting a dwarf tree where they were. i will also be pulling up most everything in the flower bed right in front of my bay window and transplanting some of it and putting down all new plants - mostly small shrubs. i am also going to be taking out a little bit of grass by our driveway to create a small planting space where an existing tree is. i will be putting in 2 little shrubs on either side of the tree and maybe a couple of flowering perennials as well - nothing too crazy - like i said, i need simple and easy.

but like i said.... it's snowing again, so won't be doing any of this very soon.


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