Tuesday, May 29, 2012

slowly, but surely

we're getting there...

spent the long weekend working on our project.  thanks to some great friends and family we are moving along nicely.  painted the walls (almost the same color the kitchen was previously but more of a browner tone) and started on the floor.  the floor is taking a little longer to put down than we thought, but it looks amazing!

i'll be the first person to say that my husband is seriously handy, but he honestly never ceases to amaze me with his skills.  i'm so blessed to have him around.

remember what looked like this:
 and then this:
well, now it looks like this:

and what looked like this: 
 and then this:
now looks like this:

and finally, what looked like this:

now looks like this (it's a slightly different angle and yes, my fridge is currently still in the middle of the kitchen):

are you sick of my house pictures yet?

cristy's wedding

one of my dearest and oldest friends got married on friday, may 25th.  i was lucky enough to be invited to her sealing ceremony in the manti, ut temple.   it was a beautiful day!  even if the wind blew so hard it ripped her veil out of her hair and made it fly through the air until comfortably resting on the roof of the temple...

congratulations cristy!  I couldn't be happier for you.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

progress on the homefront

because my hubby is amazing, much progress is being made at our house.

what looked like this:
 now looks like this:

what looked like this:

now looks like this:

what looked like this:

now looks a little like this (i know, it's a slightly different angle):

please note the 3 light switches hanging from nowhere in the pictures. that is my favorite part!  Also the bottom picture shows our soon to be flooring.  we picked it up yesterday and got it all out of the boxed to acclimate to our casa.

what's ahead?  finish taking out the remaining 2x4s from the old wall, sheet rock for the half wall, new paint, and we still need to rip out the old kitchen floor.  can't wait to be rid of this beauty!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

big changes on the horizon at the harwood house

looking into the set up of our office/tv room;

a look at the wall in the dining area of the kitchen (apparently i need a larger drying rack for clothes):

looking at the kitchen/bedroom door from the hallway:

a look towards the doorway of the bedroom (after most of the stuff is out):

looking into the bedroom from the doorway (the wall of the right separates the kitchen from this small bedroom):

looking at the hallway and bedroom door from the front door:

the bedroom closet (which up until moments before was quite full):

more details to come...

Thursday, May 3, 2012

batter up...

baseball is in full swing again.  jared and isaac are both playing for the giants this year.

isaac waiting for the game to get going
there is only one other kid besides jared who returned to the team from last year, so it will be a growing year for the team and not necessarily a championship winning year.  although it was a lot of fun to see the team win a bunch and go to a state tournament (they came in 2nd at their tournament) last year, it got long for the parents :). 

jared pitching during his second game
jared catching
and although the kids are still learning they have made great improvements since their first game!  jared has been in the catcher position for most games and even got to try his hand at pitching. he did a pretty good job for his first time!  he is really doing well with catching and is learning to chase down the boys who try and sneak into home base from third.

isaac has been playing a variety of out-field positions and rotating to the bench with the other extra players.  at last nights game he scored one of the team's points and threw a ball back to the infield with great precision and speed!


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