Friday, April 30, 2010

it's a girl

found out at my ultrasound this past monday that we are going to be blessed with another baby girl. i was so excited! truly, it wouldn't have mattered either way, but it will be fun to do the girl thing again - plus the nerd in me is very excited about the even numbers!!!!

the baby looks great and is due on september 14th, which is my original due date. this is the only pregnancy that my due date hasn't changed after the ultrasound.

so what were the other kids' reactions?

well, isaac has been wanting a boy since we told him i was pregnant - only so we could name him "bob". don't ask me where that came from. he said, "i'm not too disappointed, because we'll have 3 girls and 3 boys and that make things equal." i busted up at the "not too disappointed" part. seriously, where does he come up with this stuff? he sounded so grown up.

amelia and jared both wanted another girl so they were excited. amelia was excited because "i get to share my toys with the baby and i get to share my room." we'll see how long her excitement with sharing lasts!

finally.... here is a picture of me at 20 weeks. i know the picture isn't that great. jared took it with my phone. i thought about scanning in one of the ultrasound pictures, but i feel a little weird about that for some reason. do you think i am being weird?


  1. I feel weird about ultrasound pictures too. I don't like the idea of looking at the inside of someone's uterus...or someone looking at mine. That's probably not why you feel weird about it. But that's why I feel weird about it. The end.

  2. umm adri is adork.. but i get the werid feeling... you look so good... and i am SUPER excitd for you and your even numbers.

  3. Well, I've always thought you were a little weird...hahaha
    YAY for baby girls! I'm still so giddy inside for you guys!


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