Monday, December 1, 2014

Utah Human Race, Thanksgiving and a Funny

Thanksgiving weekend has come and gone.  A new tradition? I started this year was to run the Utah Human Race 10K which supports Utah Food Bank.

Sara had her little girls with her so she chose to do the 5K.  Here we are getting ready to start.

Here's a whole bunch of us at the end of the race.

 I also captured a picture of me and my honey.  So grateful for this guy!

After the race, we came home and started cooking dinner for later in the day.  Jared and Nathan deep fried our turkey and it was delicious.  Nathan's parents joined us for dinner this year at our house.

Also a funny that happened this past weekend....  We were playing card games at the table when Jared did this with his shirt:

None of us noticed until Clara told him quite loudly that he had really big boobs!  We all got a great chuckle out of that.

Hope your Thanksgiving was great!

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