Thursday, April 9, 2015

Easter Sunday 2015

Easter is pretty low key at our house.  The Easter Bunny did hide a few eggs for the girls to find and then I gave all the kids a couple bags of candy I had bought for them.

After watching General Conference, we headed over to my parent's home for the annual Carter Easter Dinner.

After eating spiral ham, funeral potatoes, rolls and salad, we watched the movie "He Knows My Name".

Following the movie, we commenced with our Egg Bashing!  Sorry the pictures are a little blurry. They were taken by one of the grandkids...

Unfortunately, our family did not go home with the plaque this year.  That honor was had by Davis.

Then it was on to the Easter Egg hunt.

A picture of most of the boys.  We missed Eric and Lisa and the kids!

Man, I love my family!

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