Friday, October 5, 2007

a yucky day

painting by Winston Prakash

it is yucky outside. it didn't start out this way, but now the wind is blowing and it is getting dark. i think it is supposed to snow tomorrow. so, instead of focusing on all the things i don't like about cold weather, here are the things i do like....

  1. the smell just before and after it rains.
  2. the smell outside when it has just snowed. it smells so clean.
  3. the beautiful fall colors. i know it is so cliche but they really are pretty, especially on the mountains.
  4. the way the snow reflects the light. i love to go outside at night when it is snowing and look around. it's dark but not dark. i can't explain it.
  5. i'm tired of wearing the same clothes over and over. when you get to bring out the cold weather clothes, it is like a whole new wardrobe has become available to you. all the long lost sweaters and boots get to make a reappearance.

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