Monday, March 24, 2008

oh isaac.... i could eat you up

each night while i make dinner, the boys do their homework at the counter. jared usually has real homework of reading and a few worksheets, but i have printed out a bunch that i got online for isaac. last wednesday, when we finished isaac's homework, he wanted to put it in his backpack to give to his teacher. I at first tried to get him to put in on the pantry door to display (i can only imagine how many random pieces of paper these teachers get each year), but then i decided he could take it and probably end up bringing it home.

friday he came home from school and the papers weren't in his backpack, so i asked if he had given them to his teacher. the conversation went close to this:

me: did you give your papers to Mrs. Heap?
isaac: yeah, her says i could keep them.
me: so did you keep them; were are they?
isaac: no, i said her could keep them.
me: what did she say?
isaac: her said thank you.
me: that was nice.
isaac: her's in love with me.

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