Monday, March 17, 2008

redoing the kitchen

we are going to be redoing some of the kitchen. i have grown a little tired of the pink counter tops and plain oak cupboards. i would also love to redo the floors (the floor is currently a kind of a checkerboard pattern with pink squares here and there), but the flooring that i want is going to have to be a project on it's own because of the cost. so i figured start with the upper stuff and work our way down. that way i don't have to worry about getting stuff on the floor.

we will be adding a bar to our counter. right now it is flat all the way across and it is a pain for nathan and i to eat there because we have to bend over so far. i am so glad that nathan is such a handy guy and we don't have to pay for someone else to do it for us. (btw - i do rent him out and he can do almost anything).

this past weekend nathan and i went shopping for counter tops and tile for the back splash. the counter top part was mostly depressing, i found out that i have expensive taste...... well expensive for me anyway. i did find some tile that i really like though. it is tumbled marble and i put together a few different sizes and it should be really cool all put together. we will also be putting bead board on the flat surfaces of the cupboards and then painting them.

we are also getting a new sink. the one we have now is a creme colored porcelain and it is scratched and chipped. i am going to get a stainless steel one.

we have already replaced and improved a few things:

we had to buy a fridge when we moved in and we got a stainless steel one. our dishwasher broke about a year ago and we replaced it with a satinique (something like that) that looks like stainless steel. (i figured a lot of food and water would get on it and you can't just wipe down stainless with just anything and have it look good.) we haven't replaced the stove and hood. they are creme colored and will have to wait... the stove works fine so i have a hard time just getting a new one just so the colors will match.

we replaced all the light fixtures when we moved in. the light over the table area was a brass and dark wood ceiling fan and the light in the kitchen area were brass "boob" lights (they look like boobs, so yeah). nathan installed 4 recessed lights in the kitchen area and we put a brushed nickel chandelier in the dining area.

watch for the "before" pictures that i will post soon.


  1. ummm you don't want pink counter tops and floors? I can't imagine why? Good luck! You're lucky Nate is so handy. I can't wait to see pictures!

  2. Cool, sent Nate over to our house to re-do my kitchen when he's done :)...I'm excited to see how everything turns out!

  3. Ok I am after Amber, I need my basement painted. :)
    I am exited to see it too.


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