Thursday, May 15, 2014

3 Things Thursday - Donuts, Flowers, and a Duck

1. When I go grocery shopping, occasionally I will pick up a dozen donuts.  We love +Macey's donuts. So yummy!  My favorite are the chocolate-covered, cream-filled ones.  I have yet to try the bacon maple syrup donuts.

2. A few weeks ago, Clara and I went to +Lowe's Home Improvement to get a new planter pot for my front porch.  We had a good time looking at the different flowers. 

This was my favorite.

Clara liked this one the best.

3. Last week at our ward's Relief Society meeting.  We had a wonderful lesson on learning to receive answers to prayer.  To go along with the lesson, we planted flower seeds in terra cotta pots.  When we watered them, this watermark showed up on the pot of the person sitting next to me.  I think it looks just like a duck. What do you see? 

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