Wednesday, March 6, 2013

personal progress - individual worth experience #2

another personal progress experience that i completed recently was individual worth experience #2.

this value experience says:
Learn about the importance of patriarchal blessings by studying about them in True to the Faith and recent conference talks. Find out why they are given and who can give them. Discuss with a parent or Church leader how to prepare to receive a patriarchal blessing and how it can teach you of your worth and identity and be a guide throughout your life. If you have not received your blessing, prepare to receive it.
as a side note, can i just say that i love the True to the Faith book!  so simple and easy to understand!

anyway, back to personal progress.  this value experience is all about patriarchal blessings; understanding who can give them, why they are given and what we can learn from them.  there was a lot of different questions to answer with this one, so i decided to take the color-code approach.

first, i underlined the different pieces of information that i was going to be looking for in my personal progress book.  each different color represent a different question or idea that i needed to find information about in my reading.

then i went to my True to the Faith book and read the section on patriarchal blessings.  i started with my green pen and underlined anything that talked about why patriarchal blessings are given.  when i came across something, i underlined it.

when i was finished reading, i picked up my blue pen and read the entire section again.  this time i looked for anything that answered the question of who can give a patriarchal blessing.  when i finished, i picked up my pink pen.  i read the section for a third time and underlined, in pink, anything that talked about how our patriarchal blessing can teach me of my worth and identity.  then i read the section for a fourth and final time with orange pen in hand.  i underlined anything that talked about how my patriarchal blessing can be a guide throughout my life.

yes, i read the section on patriarchal blessing four complete times.  it was not boring and each time i learned and saw new things.  some things were underlined with more than one color sometimes things were only underlined once.  you may see or feel differently about what you mark.  that's the beautiful thing about this program.  it is for each of us individually and personally.  there aren't really right and wrong answers.  it's about learning and growing.  here is what one section looked like after i had marked it.

after marking the book, i got out my study journal and started writing.  i took each individual question and answered it with the information that i had underlined.  i also added any notes or thoughts that i had.

the value experience then enourages you to prepare to receive your patriarchal blessing if you haven't already.  i have received mine.  i have not done it yet, but i think it would be rewarding to go through a copy of my personal blessing and use the same colors to highlight the different parts in the blessing where i am taught about my worth and identity and where i am given guidance for my life.

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