Wednesday, March 20, 2013

worst parents, ever!

this was the scene in my car the other night. nathan had told the kids several times to eat their dinner.  he told them they would regret it if they didn't eat.  he "strongly encouraged" them to eat.  only isaac ate his dinner.  only isaac got the reward. the others were not pleased. 

its hard to follow through with rules and consequences.  when we got home, nathan talked to the "angry" children.  he told them that even though they didn't get the treat that we still loved them and we didn't like to have them unhappy or mad at us.  we also explained that nathan had given them multiple warnings that they didn't listen to.   jared replied that if he had known about the treat he would have finished. it was a perfect teaching moment laid at our feet.

we took a minute to talk about how we don't always get to choose the consequences of our actions, but they are always there.  we also explained that sometimes we don't get a heads-up that a choice is going to bring undesired results.

i hope that they got something out of our unplanned lesson.  well, something other than mom and dad are mean.

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