Thursday, March 14, 2013

youth pioneer handcart trek 2013 - buckets

you would think with all these pioneer trek posts that my life was being consumed by it! :)  it's all good and i'm not consumed.... yet.  wait until the end of may and then ask me again.

this past week, we had a combined activity with the youth to make their buckets.  these buckets will serve a few purposes.  first, they will hold the 17 pounds of clothing and toiletries that each person is allowed to bring with them.  that's right 17 pounds and no more.  that is all the original handcart pioneers were allowed.

the buckets are sealed so if it rains (last time our ward went, it poured almost the entire time), all of our stuff will stay dry.  the buckets will also serve as each person's seat when resting, eating, chatting, etc...  the buckets stack nicely as well which will make packing them into the trailer and transporting them simple.

we were able to get our buckets from a candy factory.  when we picked them up they were a sticky mess.  each youth was responsible for cleaning their own bucket prior to our activity.

we had a table set up for each "family" to decorate their buckets.  here are a few of our youth getting ready to decorate!

there was a table set up in the middle of the room that held all of the decorating supplies.  our supplies included paint, markers, glue, modge podge, stickers, paper, stencils, vinyl, duct tape, etc... pretty much anything you could imagine.

don't forget to put your name on your bucket!

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