Wednesday, May 1, 2013

a new water heater

see the water heater at the front of the picture with the blue "y" on it?  yeah, it's not supposed to be where it is.  see nathan in the very back of the picture standing next to a new water heater?  yeah....  he is putting in a new one.

isaac came upstairs sunday after church and said that there was a bunch of water coming out of the bottom of the water heater into the toy room.

1. this part of our basement is still unfinished, so there was minimal water damage.
2. the whole bottom of the water heater didn't give way all at once.
3. isaac noticed it when he did or it could have been worse.

it was not fun to go a day and a half without  hot water.  it was not fun to have all of the water shut off for most of the afternoon and evening.  but we survived! 

the old water heater in all its broken glory!  it served faithfully for 18 years.  may it rest in scrap metal peace!

and here is the new water heater.  i placed the blue "y" on it now.  a sort of passing the torch, if you will.

and here is that great guy i married, finishing the installation of the new water heater.  he is truly amazing!  (notice his handyman shirt...)

i took an extra hot, extra long shower to commemorate the installation of the new water heater.  it was lovely.

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