Monday, May 20, 2013

youth pioneer handcart trek 2013 - journals

was busy this weekend putting together journals for our youth pioneer trek next month.

i ordered the journals through Deseret Book.  because i am close to a retail location, i just went in and ordered them and then picked them up to avoid paying for shipping.  if you order more than 50 of any item you get a 20% discount.  i also receive their ads in the mail so i also had a $10 off coupon for purchases of $50 or more.  so be sure to check out all of your options if you order them.

the journals either come blank or with a pre-stamped logo.  we wanted to put our own trek logo, so we purchased the blank journals.

once you get the actual journals out of the protective plastic cover, this is what you have.  we really liked that they come with a pen.  the only printing is the Zions Mercantile Co logo on the back.

here are the "almost" finished journals:

we had a stamp made of our "trek logo" and then used the stamp to put our logo on the journals.  it worked best to open the journals and lay them out flat when stamping.

**Update - The stamp was made by Outback Engraving, you can contact them by calling 801-592-9499.

we used Versa Magic ink in gingerbread.

i say that they are "almost" finished because we plan to paste a couple of things in the first few pages and then leave the rest blank for the youth to write down their thoughts and feelings.

our "additions" to the journals will include:
  • a bishop's message/testimony
  • the words to our trek song
  • a few selected quotes from general authorities


  1. Where did you have your stamp made?

  2. The stamp was made by Outback Engraving. Phone number is 801-592-9499, ask for Cali.

    1. Do you have any other contact information for them? Email? Website? I can't seem to get a hold of anyone?

    2. I don't, sorry. You can try any stamp or trophy shop and they should be able to make you something. You can also try


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