Thursday, May 16, 2013

personal progress - integrity value experience #1

i recently began working on value experience #1 for integrity.
Integrity is the willingness and desire to live by our beliefs and standards. Read Moroni 10:30–33 and think about what it means to “deny yourselves of all ungodliness.” Read the pamphlet For the Strength of Youth. Reflect on how the Lord’s standards differ from the world’s standards. Record in your journal appropriate standards for behavior, dress, and conversation, as well as literature, movies, television, Internet, music, cell phones, and other media. Also write your plan to stay morally clean and worthy to attend the temple. After keeping your standards for at least one month, record your feelings in your journal and continue to keep your commitment.
i started by printing out  the scripture in Moroni to paste into my journal. sorry it's a little blurry.

i also referred heavily to the For the Strength of Youth notes that i wrote down for the choice & accountability value experience #2.

then i wrote what i felt were the appropriate standards for behavior, dress, conversation, etc...  if i had to do it over again, i would only write the standards and not break them up by each individual scenario as many of them are the same standard.

finally, you need to write your plan to stay morally clean and be worthy to enter the temple.  then you need to live these standards for a month.

since i have already been to the temple, my plan was different than it would be for someone who is working towards the temple.  

so, now to live my standards for a month.  i don't watch very much tv anymore and the only books i read are either the Book of Mormon or church magazines to prepare for my lessons, so avoiding anything inappropriate should be pretty easy there.  there are a few shows that are temptations for me though.  they are funny but not always appropriate, so this will be good for me.

the hard one for me is going to be my conversation and behavior.  especially working on not speaking in anger....  

definitely going to need some divine help there.  anyone out there in blogland also working on personal progress?  how's it coming along for you?

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