Wednesday, May 29, 2013

youth pioneer trek flour sacks & pioneer name tags

if you recall, a week or so ago, i showed you the flour sacks that we put together for trek.  i told you that i wasn't finished with them.  well they are now done.

here's the finished product!

so we started out with this:

the first thing i did was to print a pioneer name tag (see below) for each person attending trek.  i had all of the names in an excel document, so it was really easy just to create a merge document to print them.

the top name is the person's name who is going on trek.
the bolded name, is the name for whom the person is walking on trek... the actual handcart pioneer.
the bottom line is the company that the pioneer was travelling with.

if you'd like a copy of this for your personal use, you can download it here.

then i stamped each "name tag" with our trek stamp

then i laminated them and hole punched two holes in the top.  when that was done, i took the name tag and lined it up with the flour sacks and marked where i needed to punch holes in the flour sack with a black sharpie.

until they all looked like this:

then i started punching out the holes.  i punched about 40 before i broke two separate hole punches.

 the evidence!

 we soon discovered that it was easier to heat up a nail with a torch and burn through the flour sack.  sorry, i didn't take any pictures, but the burn marks looked pretty cool on the sacks and i wished we had done them all that way.  heating up the nail until it was red hot allowed us to punch two holes in about four sacks before we needed to reheat the nail.

once all the holes were punched, i then cut para cord in each family's color, burned the ends so it wouldn't unravel, and attached to the flour sack and the name tag for our completed name tag flour sack necklaces.  this person belongs to the blue family even though the picture makes it look a little purple.

more trek posts here.

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  1. How did you make your stamp? I just got called with my husband to be in charge of planning the whole trek! Feeling overwhelmed! :) I love the flour sack idea! And thank you for the PDF forms for the name tags!!! YAY!


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