Wednesday, May 8, 2013

happy #10, isaac!

a quick scroll through 10 years of isaac.

isaac was born very, very early in the morning, on the day of my grandpa carter's funeral and burial.  it was a bitter sweet day.

from the time that he was just a baby, people couldn't get over his sweet little face and infectious smile.  when he was a baby, people would stop me in the grocery store to comment on what a cute kid he was.

now that he's grown a little bit, he's still just as cute and loveable.  while his friendly, loud personality tends to get him into trouble at times, his big blue eyes and cute little cheeks get him away with murder!

isaac fills our home with laughter, happiness and goofiness.  he is always quick with a smile or a hug.  he's very soft-hearted and caring.  he's my biggest helper with clara and she simply adores him.

we sure love our isaac!

first day of preschool

isaac's 5th birthday

his school picture this year.

 and the birthday boy, on his 10th birthday!

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