Tuesday, May 14, 2013

personal progress - faith value experience #3

the faith value experience #3 requirement are:
Living gospel principles requires faith. Read about faith in the Bible Dictionaryor True to the Faith. Faith in the Savior Jesus Christ leads to action. Choose a principle such as prayer, tithing, fasting, repentance, or keeping the Sabbath day holy. In your own home or another setting, plan and present a family home evening lesson about how faith helps you live that gospel principle. If possible, ask a family member to share an experience that has strengthened his or her faith. Share your own experiences as well. In your journal write down one of those experiences and describe your feelings about faith.
since fasting is always a struggle at our house, i decided to do my fhe lesson on fasting.

i utilized a great lesson plan put together by thegoldenseven.blogspot.com.  my kids especially loved the game of building their spiritual fasting muscles.

i asked nathan to share an experience of when fasting has helped increase his faith.  he shared stories from his mission when he and his companions would fast for investigators, to find investigators, or when they needed help with certain things during their mission.

i also asked my mom, a few days later, to share an experience that strengthened her faith.  she shared an experience about a time she finished reading the Book of Mormon.  she had prayed about Moroni's promise prior to starting to read that day, knowing that she would finish the book.  as soon as she finished, she received her witness that the Book or Mormon is the word of God.  i don't want to go into too much detail about it because it was a personal experience, but her sharing this experience with me strengthened my faith as well.

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