Wednesday, May 22, 2013

youth pioneer handcart trek 2013 - flour sacks

these are the flour sacks that we will be giving to each of the youth.  each sack contains a snack-sized ziploc bag filled with 4 oz of flour - the ration that was given per day for a grown man!

i had my mia maids help me cut the fabric for all of the sacks as many hands make light work.  then i turned them over to debbie who sewed and stamped them all.

she used the stamp that was made for us and the same ink that we used for the journals.

they are not quite a finished product yet as i will be adding to them.  i'll show you what i am up to in a future post.  future post here.

more trek posts, here.


  1. What size were the flour sacks?

    1. The finished flour sacks were 5" x 4". When we cut them, we cut them on the fold. So if they were laid out flat they would be 10" x 4".

  2. It looks like you used your stamp on a wood coin? What was that made out of?? I really like that!


  3. That is actually the stamp. A wooden coin would be a fun idea though. I'm sure you could find a company to burn the engraving on a wood coin of some sort. Maybe cork or something along those lines.


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